Frequently Asked Questions


Lost Title?

Have you lost your title? We can replace it here at Barb's. All we'll need is all registered owner's to stop in during business hours and choose from one of the following options. 

  1. Duplicate Title - $35.50, mailed to you from Olympia, (~6-8 weeks) This option is good if you are not selling your vehicle within a few weeks and have time to wait to receive the title in the mail.
  2. Quick Title - $85.50, received same day in office, (~15 min.) When moving a vehicle to another state for licensing a title is required. This is a good option if you need the title quickly for transferring out of state. 
  3. Affidavit in Lieu of Title - $15.00, received same day in office, (~5 min.) Affidavit in lieu of title is a great option for those who plan to sell their vehicle soon to a buyer within Washington State. Aff. in Lieu works just as well as a title when accompanied by a Bill of Sale.
  4. Meet the buyer in our office and transfer immediately - $0, (~30 min.) If you have a buyer lined up and are able to meet them in office and complete the transfer in one transaction there is no fee for a replacement ownership document for the seller. (There will be the standard transfer fees for the buyer.)

Want to License a WATV for on road use?

Laws now allow WATV owners to register and license their eligible WATVs for on road use in addition to off road use. The process is simple. Check HERE to make sure your vehicle has all the required equipment, then bring this WATV Road Use Declaration form with your vehicle to a licensed dealer or repair shop and pay for a safety inspection. Bring the completed form as well as the receipt for the safety inspection in to apply for on road licensing. 


Do I still need Emissions?


Washington State will no longer require emission testing as of January 1, 2020.